Growing Romaine & Red oak lettuce indoors from seeding to harvest

These series of pics depicts the process of various lettuce greens grown in our Watercircle Flood & flow hydroponics system, the entire growth period lighting was depending on 2 units of HydroGrow Pro 84X, duration of photoperiod is from 7am-7pm ( 12hours) for 30 days.

seedling were transferred to Flood & Flow hydroponics system on 9th may after 1 week.

12 heads of Romaine lettuce harvested on 31st may and kept in the refrigerator
( see pics of romaine lettuce leaves in plastic bag)
net weight without the stem & roots are 388g

The remaining red oak lettuce & romaine lettuce were left to grow further.

New seeding of Arugula ( rocket ) herbs & some pak choy transfered to replace empty holes of the flood & flow hydroponics system.

Growing Indoor Watercircle Hydroponics Rock melon with LED lights

These series of pics are of 4 rock melon plants grown fully indoor in our facility from seed to adult fruiting plant with lighting fully provided by the HydroGrow 84X-Pro

The rock melon is first germinated on a sponge plug and transplanted to the Watercircle fruit vegetable grow kit.
From 1st may to 27th may the rock melon has grown fast , flowered and produced fruit(hand pollination)

Indoor Growing of Cherry Tomato using Watercircle Grow Kit ( fruit Vegetable) & HydroGlow LED lights

Its always a nice challenge to grow cherry tomatoes and we like to share this information. Below are pictures of the various stages of the growth of 4 cherry tomato plant that started from seed, germinated & transplanted onto rockwool plugs 35x35mm. The young tomato seedlings is transferred to the Watercircle Grow Kit ( fruit Vegetable) and grown from there.

Pictures dated from 24/12/2012 -06/01/2013

Indoor growing of butterhead lettuce at Watercircle Hydroponics using HydroGrow 21X-PRO & 84X-PRO LED light (Part 2)

More additional pictures of the butterhead lettuce and some chinese greens(chye sim) grown indoor in our watercircle hydroponics facility.
As the number of seedlings has increased, we added a unit of the HydroGrow 84X-PRO LED light for the extended area of growing.

Throughout the growing stage, the growth of both the butterhead lettuce and chinese greens were faster than if grown outdoors,
plants were healthy , long white roots and roots mass, the was no signs of nutrient deficiency, size of the young plants were growing together consistently too.

Indoor growing of butterhead lettuce at Watercircle Hydroponics using HydroGrow 21X-PRO LED light (part 1)

The following pictures are a pictorial journal of the germination till maturity of indoor growing of butterhead lettuce at watercircle hydroponics facility.
Do Follow us as we update on this blog the progress and share with you the joy and ease of growing your own vegetables using artificial lighting

1. On 09/11/2012, Butterhead lettuce seeds were first placed in a small water container for it to be germinated.
2. 10/11/2012, the seeds sprouted and were transferred to soiless media( grow sponge cubes)
3. The seedlings were placed in a plastic trough of clear water and HydroGrow 21X-Pro LED light was used to provide the only source of lighting.
PAR reading : 150 , Distance from seedlings 46cm (18 inches)
4. As the seedling grew, mild hydroponics nutrients were applied from 14/11/2012, TDS 500ppm.
5. The seeds are now growing in a compact form, with sufficient lighting to provide photosynthesis.
6. On 23/11/12, the seedlings were much bigger in size and were transferred to our Watercircle Desktop Hobby kit
7. PAR reading : 380 , Distance from seedlings 35.5cm (14 inches),  TDS 800, ph 6.2 , Duration of photoperiod using HydroGrow 21X-Pro : 10 hours/day
8. Daily electrical use : 36w x 10hours = 360 w/h or 0.36kwh
9. Daily electrical cost of electricity is 0.36 kwh x S$0.2727 = S$0.098 per day

#estimated electrical cost for 35 days will be S$3.43

* electrical tariff in singapore by singpower is $0.2727 per kwh

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