Indoor growing of butterhead lettuce at Watercircle Hydroponics using HydroGrow 21X-PRO LED light (part 1)

The following pictures are a pictorial journal of the germination till maturity of indoor growing of butterhead lettuce at watercircle hydroponics facility.
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1. On 09/11/2012, Butterhead lettuce seeds were first placed in a small water container for it to be germinated.
2. 10/11/2012, the seeds sprouted and were transferred to soiless media( grow sponge cubes)
3. The seedlings were placed in a plastic trough of clear water and HydroGrow 21X-Pro LED light was used to provide the only source of lighting.
PAR reading : 150 , Distance from seedlings 46cm (18 inches)
4. As the seedling grew, mild hydroponics nutrients were applied from 14/11/2012, TDS 500ppm.
5. The seeds are now growing in a compact form, with sufficient lighting to provide photosynthesis.
6. On 23/11/12, the seedlings were much bigger in size and were transferred to our Watercircle Desktop Hobby kit
7. PAR reading : 380 , Distance from seedlings 35.5cm (14 inches),  TDS 800, ph 6.2 , Duration of photoperiod using HydroGrow 21X-Pro : 10 hours/day
8. Daily electrical use : 36w x 10hours = 360 w/h or 0.36kwh
9. Daily electrical cost of electricity is 0.36 kwh x S$0.2727 = S$0.098 per day

#estimated electrical cost for 35 days will be S$3.43

* electrical tariff in singapore by singpower is $0.2727 per kwh

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  2. rc says:

    thanks for posting your articles so often, every day i access your website and check for updates.

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