Growing Romaine & Red oak lettuce indoors from seeding to harvest

These series of pics depicts the process of various lettuce greens grown in our Watercircle Flood & flow hydroponics system, the entire growth period lighting was depending on 2 units of HydroGrow Pro 84X, duration of photoperiod is from 7am-7pm ( 12hours) for 30 days.

seedling were transferred to Flood & Flow hydroponics system on 9th may after 1 week.

12 heads of Romaine lettuce harvested on 31st may and kept in the refrigerator
( see pics of romaine lettuce leaves in plastic bag)
net weight without the stem & roots are 388g

The remaining red oak lettuce & romaine lettuce were left to grow further.

New seeding of Arugula ( rocket ) herbs & some pak choy transfered to replace empty holes of the flood & flow hydroponics system.

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